Litigation: At Werner Roos & Immelman attorneys we undertake a variety of legal disputes and court related matters, like debt collection, rescission of judgements, applications for liquidation and sequestration of insolvent estates. We deliver l

We at Werner Roos & Immelman attorneys are up to date with the latest judgements and legal developments and use this to professionally assist our clients in all criminal cases. What you must do if you are ever arrested: First the police must

Simplified explanation of the finalisation proses of a deceased estate: The death of a family member is in itself a traumatic experience and at Werner Roos & Immelman attorneys we would like to make the proses as seamless and swift as possible t

Property and conveyancing: In the light of continued legislative changes we at Werner Roos & Immelman attorneys undertake specialist up to date support with you our client’s buying and or selling of immovable property and conveyance transa